Remake Talent has a long-term mission to create innovative solutions and alliances that support an equitable and sustainable recovery in the wake of the Almeda Fire. We achieve this through Planning, Activation, and Accountability. Explore the ways we’re working to rebuild our community! Explore the ways we’re working to rebuild our community!


Look here to engage in Remake Talent’s priority projects. 

Planning Projects

Remake Talent is focused on expanding capacity within local government planning offices for the immense work of recovery, as well as advocating for upgrades and amendments to our Municipal Code. The goal is to create flexibilities for transitional and long-term housing needs, using the lens of affordability and sustainability. Solid urban planning will lay the groundwork for equitable, innovative, and sustainable redevelopment in the long-term, and is one of the first ways Remake Talent chose to implement its mission. Our Planning Team consists of planning professionals from across the state, land use experts, real estate and GIS professionals, and college interns. 

Housing Design Library

Remake Talent is working with local builders, architects, and design firms to create a reference library of code-ready housing designs and floor plans to fast

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Activation Projects

We are a hands-on organization of builders, fabricators, and artists who are working on creating  working prototypes for the type of city we want to live in, enlisting collaboration and feedback  from the impacted community, and then ramping up production of what works. More than just  ideas, we must begin the real work of affecting change and progress within our communities. To  that end, Remake Talent partners with skilled individuals and organizations like the Cascade  Builders Association to  bring good ideas to fruition, and help those in need.  

Accountability Projects

We are creating a coalition of accountability to make sure that redevelopment of the valley  happens in an equitable way, taking into account the immense losses of our most vulnerable  populations: low-income and Latino families, and the elderly. We may not be able to save every  family in the short-term, but we can work to provide for their return and preserve our  demographic.

Community Micro-grants

We believe that strategic community gifts are the most effective way to begin rebuilding our community, while creating equity and engagement points for residents dedicated

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