The Zone Captains Program will empower emergent neighborhood leadership in our communities to band together and start speaking with a unified voice. Zone captains are engaged residents who are willing to talk to their neighbors and communicate needs from the bottom up, while advocating for top-down resources through empowered communication and information-sharing. Using proven success stories from other fire-affected communities, various recovery organizations are supporting the Zone Captains program to create community engagement during the recovery.  Go here for more information and to sign up! 

Loss and Recovery Dashboard Sneak Peek!

Every wildfire survivor needs easy access to resources—with recovery tracking through solid metrics—in a user-friendly interface. Remake Talent is hard at work developing a visual, map-based portal of resources and information that provides an intuitive way to navigate recovery on an individual and community level. We call this tool the Almeda Fire Loss and Recovery Dashboard.
Learn more about the Loss and Recovery Dashboard and how it can work for you!

About Remake Talent!

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RemakeTalent creates real-world opportunities for displaced populations to rebuild their lives & livelihoods with access to affordable housing and commercial space, and reimagines our community’s needs with equity, sustainability, and resiliency at the forefront. Read more about our mission and who we are here…

Get the Remake Talent container house launched!

We are just now putting the final touches on this model home. It is our goal to land this container in Talent within the next 10 days, and soon after ramp up production to replicate this model and provide short-and long-term housing and storefront options for residents and businesses displaced by the #almedafire. We believe that with the right crew and the right production facility, we can knock out one of these homes every week, for under $15k apiece. But we cannot do it without your help!