A Community Rebuilding Center

In a post-disaster setting, scarcities can be all too common. A nationwide increase in the cost of building materials—coinciding almost exactly with the timing of the Almeda Fire—has made the goal of providing truly affordable housing even more challenging. Remake Talent has been offered a large donation consisting of the complete assets of a large, 65,000-person music festival that has ceased operation due to Covid-related impacts. This valuable stock contains a large amount of building and infrastructure materials, shipping containers, site and construction vehicles, etc. Storing these items presents a long-term cost the festival is no longer willing to bear, and the owners agree that their assets can be better used in the current rebuild effort for those affected by the Almeda Fire.

Using this initial donation—valued between $500,000 and $750,000—Remake Talent and its partners can help bring transitional housing projects to quicker fruition through donations of lower-cost above-ground infrastructure, while laying the foundation for a community-centered recovery. In the long-term, we hope to leverage these assets to create a long-term Community Rebuilding Center with a ready supply of materials, a large tool lending library, and vehicle support.

What can we do with these items? Read on to find out!

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