About us

Our Mission

RemakeTalent creates real-world opportunities for displaced populations to rebuild their lives & livelihoods with access to affordable housing and commercial space, and reimagines our community’s needs with equity, sustainability, and resiliency at the forefront.


Our Vision

A diverse and sustainable community, rebuilt with vitality and ongoing community engagement.


Values Statement

  • Respond Creatively—with innovative and diverse solutions to an evolving situation.
  • Reimagine Inclusively—with a focus on vitality, equity, diversity, and accountability.
  • Return Appropriately—by restoring displaced populations to a safe environment in a timely manner.
  • Rebuild Sustainably—with new technologies for development that is adapted to the long-term effects of climate change.

We are proud to have the support of our local businesses—many of whom lost storefronts in the fire—as we rebuild brick and mortar dreams from the ground up.