Board of Directors

kevin p

Kevin has spent over 20 years focused on the intersection of people and planet. In 2004 he founded the Natural Builders who’s work in environmental construction has supported and inspired communities around the world to build with nature. Projects have included work with dozens of NGO’s, UN agencies, building code development, and development of cutting edge commercial and residential properties around the world.  In 2017 he founded WikedOps a cross sector network of advisors, advocates and amplifiers determined to shift economies toward benefiting planet and people over profit. The network rallies expertise to help actors influence policy and find ways to effect positive change from their positions inside governments and institutions. His work and articles have been featured in papers such as the New York Times, Home Energy (a building industry magazine), and documentaries that include the full length documentary “Dirt” alongside environmental activists Vandana Shiva, Majora Carter, and Wes Jackson. His offerings at industry conferences and universities, such as Mcgill University, U.C. Berkeley, SoCap and Transform series, are about engaging the audience to act on behalf of our planet, while providing powerful ways to engage communities locally and globally to create a more sustainable and peaceful world.He worked as Program Director and served on the Board of Kleiwerks International as they supported permaculture and natural building programs with affiliates from Laos to Argentina, North Carolina to India, and many places in between.


Grey is a founding member of the Sangham foundation. Grey is actively involved in several Waterkeeper organizations and seeks to grow the movement through spearheading new programs. He is an experienced builder, designer, business owner, and farmer. He is passionate about organic land management and sustainable food production.  Grey received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology from Southern Oregon University, is owner and co-owner/founder of the Ola Honua Restoration Project in Maui. He is a co-founder of Focal Technologies, a solar waste treatment system.  He is husband to Nicoya, and father of two boys, Kadin and Gracen. Grey enjoys the outdoors, elements, and wild places to provide perspective and passion.


Douglas has been an experience designer, event producer, community organizer and most recently a web and technology consultant. His company Rogue Media is helping the RT effort with web design as well as helping explore and implement digital services that organize logistics and community efforts.  Our RT team couldn’t have done this without him!

Staff & Interns


As a second generation Talentonian with a 20-year history managing rapidly-deployable temporary infrastructure projects around the world, the heart behind this vision runs deep. He has directed builds, procurement, and budgets for large music festivals in five countries (as well as contributing his skillset to New Orleans’ relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina). He has worked with government agencies to temporarily transform bridges into parks, turn commuter arteries into public gathering spaces, and create constituencies for large public projects. In defining a successful approach to projects, Tucker values a collaborative approach. Tucker is Executive Director of Remake Talent—which has already completed a container housing prototype, is designing an ecovillage incubator for displaced businesses, and is now working to create critical organizational capacity—all in the wake of the Almeda Fire.


Nickole is the Administrative Manager and Assistant to the Executive Director for Remake Talent. Her attention to detail and passion for systems management has allowed Remake Talent to expand in an organized way to meet the organizational goals within our long-term mission. Nickole’s background in event production and project management has fostered a flexible and dynamic skill set for disaster relief and long-term recovery planning. She lives in Talent with her lovely dog, “Artoo” and on her days off she enjoys baking, taking walks, and listening to Dolly Parton. 


Sabra is a Senior at Southern Oregon University majoring in Environmental Sciences, and is Remake Talent’s Spring 2021 intern, provided through our partnership with SOU and the Local Innovation Labs. She is focused on utilizing her GIS skills to expand our Almeda Fire Recovery Map in collaboration with ESRI, as well as creating points of community engagement through the Zone Captains Program. Her interests also include post-fire bioremediation efforts, clean energy, and sustainability.


Finlay is a junior at Southern Oregon University studying theater and business. He is interning with Remake Talent through our partnership with SOU and the Local Innovation Labs. He is working on visual arrangements of organizations and community leaders working on relief efforts in the wake of the Almeda Fire.

Advisory Council


Jack Latvala is the owner of Star Properties, the premiere real estate firm in Talent for over 25 years. A deeply caring and involved member of the Talent community, he has made every available resource available to provide direct relief to displaced residents since the Almeda Fire, providing immediate office and storage space to displaced relief organizations like Rogue Climate, Rogue Action Center, as well as housing the distribution point set up by Talent Maker City. He owns and manages multiple lots in downtown Talent that can function as landing grounds for temporary housing and container pop-up shops.


Misty has been a Rogue Valley Resident since 1989. Raised in Medford, Muñoz was awarded a 2007 Ford Foundation Restart Scholarship as a first-generation college student. While working toward her degree in Environmental Studies Ecology (with a Minor in Native American Studies), she co-created Southern Oregon University’s’ Full Circle Recycling Program and Recycling Center in 2011. For this effort, she was recognized in 2011 as City of Ashland’s Conservationist of the Year. She went on to work for Ashland Food Co-op in 2012 as Outreach Assistant, focusing on food resiliency for our global and local communities. 

Misty and her family were displaced during the Almeda Fire and is living in an RV while the Rogue Valley recovers and rebuilds. Muñoz is a tireless advocate for equitable and just affordable housing for those displaced by the Almeda Fire, and currently sits at the round tables of Remake Talent, Mi Valle Mi Hogar (MVMH), as well as Rogue Advocates. She is  the mother of an 8th grader at John Muir Outdoor School.