Collaboration Circles

Ours is not the first community to experience a disaster like the Almeda fire, and sadly we will not be the last. As we plan our trajectories and move from direct response into the recovery phase, we have to ask: What can
we learn from communities that have experienced this before?

Starting in October, Remake Talent—in collaboration with Rebuild North Bay, Rogue Action Center, SO Equity, Rogue Climate, and the Lomakatsi Restoration Project—began hosting the Collaboration Circles. We have gathered leaders from local community-based organizations who find themselves pivoting from providing immediate relief towards the long-term recovery effort to engage with leaders from other fire-affected communities in a series of informational circles, tours, and critical Zoom meetings to create points of collaboration and learn about resources to support our recovery.

While Covid-19 cases across our state continue to curtail many activities and gatherings, it remains critical to come together as a network of local organizations and emergent leadership to help our community recover. It is our intention to continue to build on the lessons learned and alliances forged during our Collaboration Circles to support a successful recovery.

See the notes from the first Collaboration Circle: “Best Practices for Recovery Organizations and Communities Post-Fire”, or watch it yourself here:

Our second Collaboration Circle: “Legal Aid and Serving Latinx Communities Post-disaster” is available to watch here: