Container Garden Resiliency Project

The Container Garden project is a business-sponsored citizen initiative that strengthens ties between residents and helps support a beautiful, sustainable, and resilient recovery. Using galvanized water troughs as planters for native and pollinator species—along with young ornamental trees—the dispersal of 50-200 planters throughout our burned areas can uplift the community and beautify our shared space.

We want to provide community members a way to get involved now through volunteerism, while visually containing the burned-out areas to dissuade disaster tourism and provide dignity to impacted communities. A full recovery is a long journey. The cleanup and rebuild will take years, but this project can start in the Spring of 2021!

• $20,000 startup cost
• Volunteers for day-long activation days and maintenance
• Soil from the Cannabis industry
• Businesses and individuals interested in sponsoring and adopting a container garden!

Want to support this project? Learn how to become a sponsor!