Online Symposiums

Remake Talent and its partners will begin to host online symposiums in the new year to bring together experts in planning and urban design, permaculture systems, and resiliency experts to share information with impacted communities and strengthen the collaborative process.

Through these symposiums, we hope to help our community come together to decide what is essential and what is desirable to create a more resilient community post-fire. We can then communicate those needs and desires to the developers and builders (and our own local government) tasked with reconstructing our communities.

Future symposiums could work to address questions such as:
• What are the essential components of a resilient town? What is desired? What is possible?
• How do we begin rebuilding from the ground up to create a fire-resistant community that is adapted to the long-term effects of climate change?
• What does a solar-ready community look like?
• What sorts of permaculture approaches exist for bio-remediation post-fire?
• How can we create walkability, increase green space, and build a vital downtown experience in the wake of the Almeda fire?