RT Container House Prototype

Some Quick Facts about the RT Container Home:

• This 160 sq ft modular home features 2 queen-size beds; a half bath with shower, sink, and toilet; a full kitchen with chopping block countertops, fridge, range, and oven; a separate living room/work nook; floor to ceiling windows and glass doors; and a rooftop garden/living roof. Practical and pretty are not mutually exclusive!

• Designed initially for off-grid living, this tiny home runs almost entirely off propane (water heater, space heater, refrigerator, range and oven), with minimal electrical needs supplied by the equivalent of a car battery charged by a small solar panel. It requires only a water source and a sewer outlet. Minimal utilities+minimal waste=minimal maintenance costs.

• Waterproof and well insulated (the rigid foam insulating panels are hidden inside exterior cedar panels to maximize interior space), this home is set for all-season living. Further R-value and fire-resistance is provided by a layer of organic material in the living roof. If we’re going to live in the world, we must find a way to be a part of it.

Let us be clear: there is no single solution. This is only one amongst many. But we believe in this, and we will continue to push for new ways to make this valley affordable while keeping it attractive, enchanting while environmentally conscious.

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