Trauma Counseling Pop-up Container

Mental health in the wake of a natural disaster is a community need, as critical as food and shelter. In the rush to supply essential goods and services, our own wellness—as individual survivors, as responders, as a community—often takes a backseat. The mind controls the body, and in order to support truly successful recoveries we must look for ways to amplify mental health as a critical need in any post-disaster environment.
To that end, Remake Talent offers the concept of “The Trauma Box”: a self-contained, modular, mobile mental health clinic available to community members in need of support and counseling. A professionally retrofitted shipping container with sleek architectural elements, the design features four individual soundproofed cubicles offering a touch-screen, person-to-person interface with mental health professionals. The goal of the Trauma Box is to provide walk-in, Covid-safe counseling services that centers mental health as an essential need in the wake of disaster.


• $50,000 initial fabrication cost (funding is currently
being sourced, but you can also download the pitch deck here)

• Operational funding (approximately $1,000/month)